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The Characters:

Jeremy Bronson

Twitter: @jbrons
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Potential lunch winner. Social Media Specialist at @meijer. And now: Father!

Twitter: @Eric_Urbane


Daniel Walker

Twitter: @DanWalker1966
Location: Farmington Hills, MI
Teaching my clients how to discover what their customers want to pay for by asking the right questions of the right people in the right way.

Tonja Deegan

Twitter: @tvdeegan
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Mom. Digital Marketing Manager, @MichiganAlumni. #Highered. Love #travel. Freelance reporter @WWJ950.


Twitter: @dewittn
Location: Boston, MA
I do entrepreneurial art projects that are meaningful, relevent, and push me creatively. Proejcts: @IDingNelson & @KSGuide.

Chris Brogan

Twitter: @chrisbrogan
Location: Boston, MA
CEO&President, Human Business Works: courses to grow YOU. More? . contact:

Victorious Secrets

Twitter: @TVSband

Lucy Angel

Twitter: @LucyAngelBand

Celebration! Cinema

Twitter: @CelebrationCnma

WJR Radio

Twitter: @wjrradio

Mark Ostach

Twitter: @ostach34

DBusiness Magazine

Twitter: @dbusiness

Anissa Mayhew

Twitter: @AnissaMayhew

Jeremiah Staes

Twitter: @digitalvision

Funny Or Die

Twitter: @funnyordie

Brian Ambrozy

Twitter: @primesuspect

Christopher Barger

Twitter: @cbarger

Maya Sabot Paveza

Twitter: @mayaREguru

Charlie Wollborg

Twitter: @CharlieCurve

Randy Lawrence

Twitter: @randelaw

Edward Vielmetti

Twitter: @vielmetti

Shannon Paul

Twitter: @ShannonPaul

Goodwill Detroit

Twitter: @GoodwillDet

Ja-Nae Duane

Twitter: @TheSunQueen

Fred Jacobs

Twitter: @fnjacobs

Nicholas Provenzano

Twitter: @thenerdyteacher

Becky Johns

Twitter: @beckyjohns

Hajj Flemings

Twitter: @HajjFlemings

Jerry Paffendorf

Twitter: @WELLO

Benjamin Bach

Twitter: @benjaminbach


Twitter: @geogeller

Recovery Rabbi

Twitter: @RecoveryRabbi

Pat Williams

Twitter: @cletch

George Nemeth

Twitter: @georgenemeth

Jeff Keni Pulver

Twitter: @jeffpulver

Beverly Cornell

Twitter: @beverlycornell

Beyond Gaming

Twitter: @BeyondGaming

Becky McCray

Twitter: @BeckyMcCray

Mark W. Smith

Twitter: @markdubya

G Derocha RD CDE MBA

Twitter: @gracedietitian

Erik Proulx

Twitter: @eproulx

TJ List

Twitter: @TJList

Hubert Sawyers III

Twitter: @HubertGAM

The Lead Czar

Twitter: @PbCzar


Twitter: @holycowcreative

Andy Hetzel | BCBSM

Twitter: @andrewhetzel


Twitter: @napratscher

Je suis (Swi...) Jim

Twitter: @jswijim

Jessica Giantonio

Twitter: @jgiantonio


Twitter: @MJBoltz


Twitter: @dukelong

Kay Nguyen

Twitter: @kaynguyen

steve frank

Twitter: @steven_frank

Brian Kirby

Twitter: @brian_kirby

Car and Driver

Twitter: @CARandDRIVER

Suzanne Johnson

Twitter: @smkjohnson

Joe Haines

Twitter: @GM_Joe

Taza Interactive

Twitter: @tazainteractive

Kevin Butler

Twitter: @kmbutler56

Elizabeth Kerner

Twitter: @liz_kerner

Jess D

Twitter: @jessd83

Helen Battersby

Twitter: @HelenBattersby

Patrick Reyes

Twitter: @patrickreyes


Twitter: @studioloraine


Twitter: @kellykozlowski

Ari B. Adler

Twitter: @aribadler

Visit Detroit

Twitter: @VisitDetroit


Twitter: @DMC_HuronValley

Charlotte Blank

Twitter: @CharlotteBlank

Jamie Patrona

Twitter: @jamiepatrona

Susan Proffitt

Twitter: @MissIve

Whole Brain Group

Twitter: @wholebraingroup

Steve Yuill

Twitter: @sjyuill

Mike Driehorst

Twitter: @MikeDriehorst

Twitter: @BlumzRob

Henry Balanon

Twitter: @balanon

BareBones Detroit

Twitter: @BareBonesD

Natasha Guimond

Twitter: @nguimond

Sarah Worsham

Twitter: @sazbean

Jake ✳

Twitter: @tenaciousJk

Stephanie Zarecki

Twitter: @StephZarecki


Twitter: @DaneDowner

Holly Myles

Twitter: @hollymyles


Twitter: @Johnniego

Lindsay Warren

Twitter: @LindsayEWarren

Diana Hussein

Twitter: @DietDrPepper

Merlene Paynter

Twitter: @Merlene

Rachel Balanon

Twitter: @rachelbalanon

Christian McLean

Twitter: @chirn9980

Dave Linabury

Twitter: @Davezilla

Heather K from EC!

Twitter: @excitablecargo

Michael Grosvenor

Twitter: @MGrosvenor

Kyle Mulka

Twitter: @mulka

Nikki Little

Twitter: @nikkistephan


Twitter: @lisagilpin

Lindsay Bacigalupo

Twitter: @LindsayBreann

Michelle Moser

Twitter: @michellemoser

Detroit News Hub

Twitter: @DetroitUnspun


Twitter: @icondani

Mary Henige

Twitter: @maryhenige

Derek Mehraban

Twitter: @mehraban

Angela Sandoval

Twitter: @angesando

Zach Ferres

Twitter: @zcferres

Karah Davenport

Twitter: @KStreet

Sean Dörr

Twitter: @sdoerr2

emily vontom

Twitter: @emilyvontom

No one home

Twitter: @IndustryCityNYC

Rick Bodey

Twitter: @rickbodey

Lindsay Karpinskas

Twitter: @LKarpinskas


Twitter: @Starzan

Malauri Rowland

Twitter: @MalauriAnne

Jack Monson

Twitter: @jackmonson

Chris Celek

Twitter: @ChrisCelek

Martin Smith

Twitter: @djgraffiti

Steve Markovitch

Twitter: @srmarkovitch

Twitter: @InvestCF

Thomas Roy

Twitter: @thomasgroy

Sylvia Hubbard

Twitter: @sylviahubbard1

Pooja VL

Twitter: @VitterLati

Jodi Davis

Twitter: @WalkyTalkJODI


Twitter: @shqipo

Elizabeth Oliver

Twitter: @emoliver413

Stephanie Taylor

Twitter: @SLTfrictionbaby

Lesley Nadeau

Twitter: @lesley48220

Julia Wendzinski

Twitter: @jwendz

Duane B Thomas

Twitter: @edyoucation

Graves De Armond

Twitter: @guinnessatticus

Trisha Verma

Twitter: @tverma29


Twitter: @workfly

DJ Meph

Twitter: @djmeph

Kelly Kennedy

Twitter: @kellyphoto

Howard Collens

Twitter: @howardcollens

Frank Szollosi

Twitter: @frankszollosi

Ken Edwards

Twitter: @meancode

Inside Detroit

Twitter: @InsideDetroit

Madison Pelletier

Twitter: @mmmmmadison

Andrew Dobney

Twitter: @drewdobs

Savvy Nights

Twitter: @SavvyNights

Payal Ravani

Twitter: @payalravani

Twitter: @MSUInterns

Genna Young

Twitter: @gennayoung

Kiana German

Twitter: @KianaGerman

NxtGen Marketing

Twitter: @nxtgenmarketing

Meredith מִרְיָם

Twitter: @rockstarima

Kelly Wysocki

Twitter: @kellywysocki

Felipe Martinez

Twitter: @FelipeMartinez

CareFree Homes

Twitter: @cfhomes

Nicole Washington

Twitter: @FierceExposure


Twitter: @mrzielinski


Twitter: @mumby

Mike Fraietta

Twitter: @MikeFraietta

Chris Xiromeritis

Twitter: @cxiro

Friendship Circle

Twitter: @FCMichigan

Rosh Sillars

Twitter: @RoshSillars

Gregory Meyer

Twitter: @gregmeyer22

Ursula Adams

Twitter: @ursulaa


Twitter: @Girlfriendology

Linda Clinton, Ph.D.

Twitter: @Linda704

I Am Young Detroit

Twitter: @iamyoungdetroit

Michael Thomas

Twitter: @mpthomas06

Erica Alexander

Twitter: @ericaalexander

Courtney Velasquez

Twitter: @CourtneyDetroit

Nicole Pipe

Twitter: @totallytypea

Debbie Bourgois

Twitter: @dbourgois

judith sallador

Twitter: @mirafloresa

jenni Murray

Twitter: @jennimurr

Rachel Stuyvenberg

Twitter: @Rachel714

Dale Ave-Lallemant

Twitter: @OhioGrassman

Caitlin Madden

Twitter: @caitm

Web Savvy Marketing

Twitter: @WebSavvyMrkting

Dan Gheesling

Twitter: @DanGheesling

Rhonda Welsh

Twitter: @rhondawelsh

Randy Carport

Twitter: @thenewpoof

Aaron Olson

Twitter: @ACOlson

Tarun Gehani

Twitter: @freshtight

Mandi Mankvitz

Twitter: @SphereTrending

Stacey Heneveld

Twitter: @Stacey_Says


Twitter: @ambientsoul

Jim Cervo

Twitter: @JimCervo

Rachel Reardon

Twitter: @RachelReardon

Katherine D. Hammond

Twitter: @KDallasHammond

the Few Records

Twitter: @theFewRecords

Mike Wolf

Twitter: @WolfGR

Stefanie Monge

Twitter: @S_Monger

Trista Kempa

Twitter: @tristajaye

Ben Rosenzweig

Twitter: @BenRosenzweig

Todd R Jordan

Twitter: @Tojosan

Sarah Lee

Twitter: @SarahLWLee

Courtney Siekirk

Twitter: @csiekirk

Noël Jackson

Twitter: @noel

Ken Wohl

Twitter: @KenWohl


Twitter: @ABass7

Jeremy Tucker

Twitter: @Jeremy_Tucker

Ashley Bernath

Twitter: @bernatha

The Henry Ford

Twitter: @thehenryford

Brooke Adams

Twitter: @brookemadams5

Deidre Sayles

Twitter: @Deidress

Becks Davis

Twitter: @becksdavis

Steve St. Germain

Twitter: @stevestgermain

William J. Ward

Twitter: @DR4WARD

Betsy Critchfield

Twitter: @bcritch24

Jimmy Tomczak

Twitter: @paperfeet


Twitter: @tinakozak

Mike Keller

Twitter: @MilanMike

Stephanie Costello

Twitter: @stephcos

Deb Ochs

Twitter: @DebOchs

Gina Kay Landis

Twitter: @ginakayRE

Jerome Espy

Twitter: @Jespy

Nancy Andrews

Twitter: @NancyAndrews

Erik Granning

Twitter: @egranning

Tim McDonald

Twitter: @tamcdonald

Артем Непокульчицкий

Twitter: @treasuryman

oguntoye kayode

Twitter: @kaylook

Robin Miner-Swartz

Twitter: @RobinMSwartz

Smart Teacher

Twitter: @smartteacher

Aram אֲרָם Hamper

Twitter: @pagingDrPizza

My Name Is

Twitter: @Jammond

Gaye Lynn Maddalena

Twitter: @UniqueChatter

Jeron Jackson

Twitter: @Jeron_imo

Liz Maritz

Twitter: @MizzLiz

Tammy Camp

Twitter: @TammyCamp

Line StorgaardConley

Twitter: @storgaardconley

Bobby Mercader

Twitter: @Rmercader

Real Time Farms

Twitter: @realtimefarms

Katy Campbell

Twitter: @katycamps

Lord Yancyy

Twitter: @LYancyy

Nate Riggs

Twitter: @nateriggs

bobo bouzakraoui

Twitter: @xxbobo

Flyover Geeks

Twitter: @FlyoverGeeks

Michael Carnow

Twitter: @mcarnow

Shena Mack

Twitter: @PennieLady

David Britten

Twitter: @colonelb

Rick Albaugh

Twitter: @awwbaw3

The Guest Teacher

Twitter: @laroncarter


Twitter: @JenMarsikFriess


Twitter: @polenahermiz

Versa Dave

Twitter: @versadave

Bruce McClain

Twitter: @sbh_bruce


Twitter: @jennisama313

Ryan Goins

Twitter: @ryangoins

Megan Fisher

Twitter: @megs86

Michael Hopps

Twitter: @mhopps


Twitter: @Open_Connection

Chris Poterala

Twitter: @potsie

Catherine Hilker

Twitter: @CatherineHilker

Jessica L.

Twitter: @laus_cause

Julienne Bourgeois

Twitter: @juliennesalad

Jackie McClelland

Twitter: @JackieMac3210

Justine Easter

Twitter: @justine_elyse

Art Van Furniture

Twitter: @ArtVanFurniture


Twitter: @Sarshie

Susan Waun

Twitter: @SusanWaun

Kyle Mattson

Twitter: @theredmission

Carla Weis Hale

Twitter: @carlaweishale

Twitter: @sushirevenge

Randy Christenhusz

Twitter: @onederlnd

Heather Macdonald

Twitter: @HMacdonald

Samantha W.

Twitter: @noisyzen

Dave Mulder

Twitter: @DavidLMulder

Erica Finley

Twitter: @ericafinley

Mysteriously Unnamed

Twitter: @Ncyp23

Brendan Tripp

Twitter: @BTRIPP

Todd Yerman

Twitter: @tyerman

Kitty Vomvolakis

Twitter: @KittyVomvolakis


Twitter: @Mindfieldusa


Twitter: @redcrew

Cheryl Harrison

Twitter: @CherylHarrison

Ben Bator

Twitter: @benbator

Jillian Koeneman

Twitter: @Jillianmk

Brian D. Shelton

Twitter: @briandshelton

Tricia Bobeda

Twitter: @triciabobeda

CBC Windsor

Twitter: @CBCWindsor

Dov Stein

Twitter: @dovstein

Kaileen Connelly

Twitter: @Kaileen

Joe Steele

Twitter: @JoeSteeleMI

Tony Gambee

Twitter: @tgambee


Twitter: @dogwalkblog

Detroit Inst of Arts

Twitter: @DIADetroit

Andrew Herron, W8FI

Twitter: @kritikal

Jeannette Gutierrez

Twitter: @tunie

Jane Berger

Twitter: @JEBerger

Erin Ellis

Twitter: @erin_ellis


Twitter: @WrittenByBecca


Twitter: @MitziLawrence

Ari Jacobovitz

Twitter: @heyarij

David Benjamin

Twitter: @DaveBenjamin

Chioke McRae

Twitter: @ChiokeMcRae


Twitter: @ckunde

Allen Mireles

Twitter: @allenmireles

Karen Wilhelm

Twitter: @leanreflect

Ragina Smith

Twitter: @RaginaSmith